Featured Partner:
Ding King Hail Squad

This month we are featuring one of our paintless dent repair school partners, the Ding King Hail Squad. Since 1993, The Ding King Training Institute has grown into the largest Paintless Dent Repair School in the Nation. With several campuses across the United States and Licensed To Operate a Paintless Dent Repair School  (License #3013591) by the Bureau For Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education.

Their Mission Is Simple: providing Americans with quality automotive hail repair. The experience you’ll get from taking your vehicle to The Ding King Hail Squad will exceed your highest expectations. The following are a few examples of real opportunities that Americans have been given to make their lives better and to help the economy grow.

Meet Stu Reynolds from Lompoc, CA. He took advantage of the Veterans & Vocational Rehabilitation Paintless Dent Repair Training from the Ding King. Listen to his story.

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Meet Jordan Prommrehn from Iowa Falls, Iowa. Another graduate of the Ding King, previously working on machinery at an egg laying operation. With an opportunity like this, he was able to start his own business and help support himself and the local economny.

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Meet Zack Williams from Keedysville, MD who was active duty military and trying to make a transition into civilian life. The Ding King gave him that opportunity, leveraging the GI bill and the Veterans & Vocational Rehabilitation effort to make that transition a success.

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