We are a community of Americans who, working together, are in support of our countrymen in the pursuit of overcoming adversity and helping lift each other up through a series of education and employment initiatives.


Education and training is only half of the battle, and as millions of Americans know, the hardest part can be finding gainful employment. Our placement team gets to work on finding job opportunities for our newly skilled folks with established businesses that have been vetted by the Jobs Project.

Additionally, if skills were learned that lean toward being self-employed, we offer the Jobs Project Self-Employment Boot Camp. We provide the skills, tools, and resources necessary to strike out independently and live the American dream. Providing real opportunity to help people get stable, income, and make a better future for themselves, their family, and their country.


The Jobs Project is partnered with trade schools and like type institutions around the country. We are always looking to add new schools to help push forward our mission of getting America back to work.

We help folks go to school to learn paint-less dent repair, mobile windshield replacement, nursing, elder care, electrical, plumbing, truck driving, learning to code and so many more employment and self-employment opportunities.