Slide 11.1% national unemployment HELP NOW SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES Be the difference and help The Jobs Project get America back to work! We have accepted historically high unemployment and lack of engagement in the work force. It is time we put an end to it once and for all.

Help us as we work to assist, educate, and place Americans in jobs that they want and need. You are the difference.

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What it means to “Be The Difference”…

When you join The Jobs Project, as we continue our journey to help get every day Americans back to work, you will hear us say “be the difference” quite a bit. Because that is what your help means. Every hour spent, every dollar donated, every call or email or post made – makes a difference. And makes the difference in individual lives, uplifts families, and provides hope to some who may have lost sight and are struggling.

You can have an impact. You can DO something positive and meaningful. You can lend a hand to those who need it the most. Everyone has been impacted by Covid-19 – blue collar folks, small business owners, first responders, medical professionals, farmers, dentists, and on and on – your neighbors, your friends, your loved ones… your fellow Americans.

I started the Jobs Project to say that ‘enough is enough’. We aren’t going to sit around an wait for politicians. We aren’t going to accept this as the new normal. We aren’t going to stand by and let our community continue to suffer. We are going to work hand in hand to assist individuals. Every. Single. Day. So please, join us. Together, we can be the difference.


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Your donation to the general fund is a donation to the national sponsorship fund for all of the good works that the Jobs Project is doing across the country to help get America back to work. Click DONATE NOW to help make a difference today.

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