Sebastian Mangiavillano

We are looking to get Sebastian the help that he has requested, by sending him to one of our partner training facilities to learn Paintless Dent Repair. Hear it from Sebastian:

“My passion for cars began when I was a small child. I’m immensely humbled that you’ve considered me for this scholarship. I’m very familiar in the business of human contact since I’ve been a personal trainer for over 15 years. Unfortunately, I see challenges forthcoming in this industry due to the COVID-19 crisis and I’m finally ready to make a life-changing move in my career.

“Learning PDR is something that I have been fascinated about for a while now. I have always been a go-getter, determined, ambitious and a hard worker so having to “stay at home” has not been easy but learning PDR will provide me the motivation I need to focus on a brighter future. As long as I can train myself to do something new I will feel productive under quarantine.

“What you’re offering me is “hope” and I consider this priceless. I know you don’t know me but I’m very familiar with the Ding King and given the opportunity I’ll make sure you’re proud to have me on your team. I’ll work diligently and be a great student. Unfortunately, without this scholarship I will not be able to pay for the PDR course since I’m currently going through financial hardships due to the unprecedented time (COVID-19 crisis).

“If awarded this scholarship and have the pleasure of meeting you in person, shake your hand and thank you, I will make sure to “pay it forward” for you providing me the opportunity to succeed in this new extraordinary career. In advance, thank you for time and consideration.”

This is the perfect opportunity to help a fellow American who has been devastated by Covid-19 and is ready to pull himself back up and work for a new opportunity. Join us and support Sebastian today.