Together, we can be the difference

A Message from Adam MacDonald, Chief Job Creator

Friends – join me as we embark on a journey to help get America back to work. You know what is happening, just like me: Covid-19, quarantine, lock downs, protests, social unrest all are contributing to the destruction of the economy.

The individual American is the one paying the greatest price. With unemployment staggeringly high, the goal of the Jobs Project is to help Americans learn a new trade or skill and then find a new employer, or provide the tools to become a successful self employed entrepreneur.

Over the next six months, we aim to help 25,000 Americans across the country get back to work. We cannot do it alone and need folks like you to step up and help us get this project off the ground. Every dollar counts and we need you to help join our community of supporters in getting America back to work. Use the form on the left to donate today and become a Founding Member of the Jobs Project.